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Welcome to Realcare Tech Mark's Online Tableau Course, where you will embark on an immersive journey to master Tableau—a leading data visualization and business intelligence tool. Whether you are a data analyst, business professional, or aspiring data enthusiast, this course is designed to equip you with the skills to create compelling visualizations and extract meaningful insights from your data.


  • 11 Sections
  • 33 Lessons
  • 0 Quizzes
  • 0m Duration
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Introduction to Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Tableau Interface and Navigation
  2. Connecting to Data Sources
  3. Building Your First Tableau Dashboard
Data Visualization Fundamentals
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Basic Chart Types and Applications
  2. Customizing Visualizations in Tableau
  3. Best Practices in Data Visualization
Advanced Visualization Techniques
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Interactive Dashboards in Tableau
  2. Trend Lines and Reference Lines
  3. Designing Effective Storyboards
Data Preparation and Cleaning in Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Data Connection and Integration
  2. Transforming and Cleaning Data
  3. Working with Extracts and Joins
Advanced Calculations and Expressions in Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Creating Calculated Fields
  2. Table Calculations in Tableau
  3. Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions
Mapping and Geographic Visualization in Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Creating Maps and Heatmaps
  2. Customizing Geographic Visualizations
  3. Analyzing Spatial Data in Tableau
Integration with External Platforms
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Connecting Tableau to External Databases
  2. Embedding Tableau Visualizations
  3. Integrating Tableau with Other BI Tools
Tableau Server and Online
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Publishing and Sharing Dashboards
  2. Collaborating on Tableau Server
  3. Managing Tableau Online Projects
Advanced Analytics in Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Predictive Analytics in Tableau
  2. Integrating R and Python Scripts
  3. Exploring Advanced Analytics Feature
Real-Time Data Connections in Tableau
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Connecting to Real-Time Data Sources
  2. Implementing Live Data Connections
  3. Monitoring Real-Time Analytics in Tableau
Practical Applications
3 Lessons0 Quizzes
  1. Applying Tableau Skills to Real-World Business Cases
  2. Building a Portfolio of Tableau Projects
  3. Showcasing Your Tableau Proficiency

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